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Madness Combat was my childhood obsession, from animation to music itself. This series is what got me into animating in the first place. This profile is an archive of my youngest years with Flash.



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Two years later with a little gift on the side

Posted by janfon1 - August 8th, 2020

Been a bit busy, finished school, striving for higher education, got new hobbies. At the same time I sort of forgot about Newgrounds. And the people who made me who I am now.

I was 14 years old when I first felt like leaving Newgrounds behind. Now, having reached 19 years and gaining a little more perspective, I think I'll be able to better articulate my feelings.

This website played a large role in my childhood and my hobbies. I owe a lot not only to the big guys like Krinkels, Zeurel, Jazza, JamesLee so on and so forth, but to the fan creators as well. Gabriel, juanford66, lemmy, rubinho, tomtyke, Xionico, LittleLuckyLink, Mottis, DeftWise-Zero and many more... everyone whose animations inspired me to take up animation myself. My heart goes out to you all, I hope you're all doing well for yourselves. Animation is one of the must fun hobbies I ever had in my life, it's an amazing outlet for creativity that I can't imagine living without now! And I owe it to you all for introducing me to it at a young age.

The least I could do to repay is to give a little something in return. Or at least to the community I was so attached to back in the day.

There was a private project directly inspired by Madness Cellification titled "Madness Rancor". So ambitious it made me change animation softwares and write down an entire plotline for it. Worked on it for quite some time before dropping it back in 2019, so the leftovers are plentiful. The whole "cell" fad is probably long gone by now, however, it would be a shame letting those character sprites go to waste. I know I won't be coming back to Flash anymore, not after discovering Blender.

You're free to use these characters as you see fit. I'm giving them away for free. You can credit me if you want, but it's not necessary.

Rancor/Gal character sprites


unique Cells sprites


The files are made in Flash 8 but everything should convert without a problem to newer versions. If that doesn't work, there's a workaround - use the Import to Stage option to paste the content of SWF of Rancor/Gal & Cells into your project.

Also made a video that shows a lot of concept art for Madness Rancor, unfinished test animations, tone exploration, hand-drawn etc. Thought it might be fun to share this behind the scenes with any still following fans.


I hope everyone's doing well! Thank you for making my childhood this much more memorable!

PS: Lesson learned, never tease projects you're not 100% sure you'll finish




"Never tease projects you're not 100% sure you'll finish" yeah you have right I making a movie too and I'm not sure I'll finish it but I trying :) its really nice to see the behind scene's of your project
Have a nice day Man