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Madness Combat was my childhood obsession, from animation to music itself. This series is what got me into animating in the first place. This profile is an archive of my youngest years with Flash.



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Posted by janfon1 - August 8th, 2020

Been a bit busy, finished school, striving for higher education, got new hobbies. At the same time I sort of forgot about Newgrounds. And the people who made me who I am now.

I was 14 years old when I first felt like leaving Newgrounds behind. Now, having reached 19 years and gaining a little more perspective, I think I'll be able to better articulate my feelings.

This website played a large role in my childhood and my hobbies. I owe a lot not only to the big guys like Krinkels, Zeurel, Jazza, JamesLee so on and so forth, but to the fan creators as well. Gabriel, juanford66, lemmy, rubinho, tomtyke, Xionico, LittleLuckyLink, Mottis, DeftWise-Zero and many more... everyone whose animations inspired me to take up animation myself. My heart goes out to you all, I hope you're all doing well for yourselves. Animation is one of the must fun hobbies I ever had in my life, it's an amazing outlet for creativity that I can't imagine living without now! And I owe it to you all for introducing me to it at a young age.

The least I could do to repay is to give a little something in return. Or at least to the community I was so attached to back in the day.

There was a private project directly inspired by Madness Cellification titled "Madness Rancor". So ambitious it made me change animation softwares and write down an entire plotline for it. Worked on it for quite some time before dropping it back in 2019, so the leftovers are plentiful. The whole "cell" fad is probably long gone by now, however, it would be a shame letting those character sprites go to waste. I know I won't be coming back to Flash anymore, not after discovering Blender.

You're free to use these characters as you see fit. I'm giving them away for free. You can credit me if you want, but it's not necessary.

Rancor/Gal character sprites


unique Cells sprites


The files are made in Flash 8 but everything should convert without a problem to newer versions. If that doesn't work, there's a workaround - use the Import to Stage option to paste the content of SWF of Rancor/Gal & Cells into your project.

Also made a video that shows a lot of concept art for Madness Rancor, unfinished test animations, tone exploration, hand-drawn etc. Thought it might be fun to share this behind the scenes with any still following fans.


I hope everyone's doing well! Thank you for making my childhood this much more memorable!

PS: Lesson learned, never tease projects you're not 100% sure you'll finish



Posted by janfon1 - September 28th, 2018

Been working on some inside projects recently - in order to avoid mess I've done some animations on separate files.

Animation other than AMG6 is in the works!

New characters in AMG6!

  1. Janfon1 troop getting a nasty shot from a sniper rifle
  2. First try at a Madness Combat 10-esque explosion
  3. Hello there


Posted by janfon1 - May 31st, 2018

Thanks to Kirxee I got some good motivation to continue animating.

Here's a test I've made for today. Includes SMG and a Shotgun with NMRIH sound effects.


Posted by janfon1 - May 29th, 2018

Been adding a couple more seconds worth of animation to AMG 6. I've just realized this whole thing has been stuck in development hell for 6 years since 2012.


Sheesh, how it all started so simple and careless. Now I seriously want to put some effort into making it look good. Just because I sorta lost interest in Flash doesn't mean I'm completely done with it!

I hope the progress really kicks off when the vacations come around.

Posted by janfon1 - September 2nd, 2017

A little gift for those who ever awaited the coming of AWWW MAH GOODNES 6.

Scene 15 from the animation [UPDATED with continued animation].

Posted by janfon1 - September 24th, 2016

My goodness, the entire Newgrounds just woke up for this fine day of September!

Happy Madness Day 2016, everybody - I can't wait to watch your Madness-filled animations!

Posted by janfon1 - October 7th, 2015

Welp, looks like I stopped using Flash 8 for animating purposes - or should I say, stopped using it whatsoever.

It was quite a lot of fun for the younger me to play around with this tool - days spent on learning the basics of animation and seeing the final results, creating those crappy frame-by-frame animations and mixing it up with own music tracks, then came the joy of seeing my first 5 Stars Rating... oh, those were the great times!

But now, after a couple of years, I've changed. Grown mature, to make it short. Instead of animation I choosed to further progress in arts and literature - it's a perfect combination, considering my skill in both of those professionalites (book's around 125+ pages, work of 5-6 months!). And with that my final days have come.

I'm still gonna be active here, watching over the still-lasting MC fans and keeping an eye on other stuff Newgrounds has to offer, but my point stands - you won't expect too much from me in recent days... or months.

Farewell to anyone who still watches me, have a nice day!

Posted by janfon1 - October 3rd, 2014

Hey guys, don't fogret to watch my new animation that was about to be made in 2013, but because of technical difficulties and lack of motivation it got done in 2014 a week ago.

There you go, have fun watching it, fellas!


Posted by janfon1 - July 17th, 2014

Just to show that I'm still working on AMG 6, I'm giving you one screenshot of my work.


You can expect this thing.

Posted by janfon1 - June 14th, 2014

AWWW MAH GOODES Series will continue!

AMG 6 is the Work in Progress. It's like 1/4 done. For now it has 11 scenes filled with action and some maybe understandable plot.

Sandford is back and running from the Kony incident. He seems to have some interesting levitation and telekinesis powers, but don't worry. Gun action will be here too. So, suddenly a giant building comes out from nowhere and the new enemies come out for inside. Those are J-ATP Forces (I used my old char for them). There will be a Torture Mag too and... well... we will see.