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I like the urban aesthetic to the environment, it's a nice change of pace from the original barren wastelands. However it highlights the flaw that normally isn't noticed in the series - outside of the combat, there is no one else living there. Not even a car driving by or anything - sure, slice of life was and never will be the focus of MC, but still, an opportunity was there

but just as a MC5 reimagining, it's great! very extensive with good homages to the original, exploring the plot with the recent plot development in mind

Speaks for itself, great watch

I made a very bad decision to watch this as a kid. Got traumatized by the imagery to a point where I'm reluctant to watch the video even now as an adult. Suffice it to say, it does the job right

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Dance Dance Revolution but on a keyboard, surprisingly enjoyable challenge

I've met with a similar message elsewhere - it taught me to be at peace with my own thoughts and just let them go. Don't fight that scary thought about inevitable death, about that extremely shameful memory, just acknowledge them as part of your life and whoosh! off they go on their own... It's shocking how I learned that neat little trick from some advertisement for a Google Store app... And same could be said for your own moral.

People need this. The world needs stuff like this. It helps people cope, come to terms with themselves. It's great that you peeps are here to make it all happen. I honestly appreciate it!

I was looking for that last muffin for five minutes, and it was right there, completely hidden under the pixelated texture of a roof.
Well done, pretty challenging for sure. It's pretty quick to get through, only the most impossible stuff is hard to find. Nice job!

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Very enjoyable tune, maintained my attention throughout the entire duration!

Always thought you're an underrated Techno musician. Your stuff is phenomenal!

cheshyre responds:

Thanks a lot. Tell your friends!

A piece of art fitting for a fight with an incredibly aggressive giant in the middle of nowhere.

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concept aside, your understanding of lighting and texture is worth praise by itself. 19 years old and a professional-tier already

keep up the hustle, loving your doodles since forever

the coom lady provides profit like none other, even though there isn't nearly that much of her in-game

Madness Combat was my childhood obsession, from animation to music itself. This series is what got me into animating in the first place. This profile is an archive of my youngest years with Flash.



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