I need YOUR help.

2013-04-27 14:10:03 by janfon1

I need Assasin's Creed >>1<< sounds for my parody. Someone can help me? I seriously need them.

I need YOUR help.


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2013-04-27 16:55:19

Something like this? http://youtu.be/KsfvlZ69KmU

(Updated ) janfon1 responds:

Can you find Animus sounds? If you play Assasin's Creed 1 you know what i mean.


2013-04-27 17:26:22

Never played it, but if you know what to search for a quick Google should yield results. Sound effects for most commercial games are available one way or another.


2014-01-11 05:03:40

I realize i'm late on this, but I don't have any sounds.


what i do have is advice. I would advise you to go look for the soundbank first on youtube or the internet, if you can't find anything just pirate the game and open up it's sound files once it finishes.