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To sweeten the deal [UPDATED]

2017-09-02 17:11:55 by janfon1

A little gift for those who ever awaited the coming of AWWW MAH GOODNES 6.

Scene 15 from the animation [UPDATED with continued animation].

Happy Madness Day!

2016-09-24 16:40:41 by janfon1

My goodness, the entire Newgrounds just woke up for this fine day of September!

Happy Madness Day 2016, everybody - I can't wait to watch your Madness-filled animations!

Unfortunate, but true news

2015-10-07 13:20:16 by janfon1

Welp, looks like I stopped using Flash 8 for animating purposes - or should I say, stopped using it whatsoever.

It was quite a lot of fun for the younger me to play around with this tool - days spent on learning the basics of animation and seeing the final results, creating those crappy frame-by-frame animations and mixing it up with own music tracks, then came the joy of seeing my first 5 Stars Rating... oh, those were the great times!

But now, after a couple of years, I've changed. Grown mature, to make it short. Instead of animation I choosed to further progress in arts and literature - it's a perfect combination, considering my skill in both of those professionalites (book's around 125+ pages, work of 5-6 months!). And with that my final days have come.

I'm still gonna be active here, watching over the still-lasting MC fans and keeping an eye on other stuff Newgrounds has to offer, but my point stands - you won't expect too much from me in recent days... or months.

Farewell to anyone who still watches me, have a nice day!

Another one!

2014-10-03 16:21:46 by janfon1

Hey guys, don't fogret to watch my new animation that was about to be made in 2013, but because of technical difficulties and lack of motivation it got done in 2014 a week ago.

There you go, have fun watching it, fellas!


Secret thingy about AMG 6

2014-07-17 11:22:18 by janfon1

Just to show that I'm still working on AMG 6, I'm giving you one screenshot of my work.


You can expect this thing.


2014-06-14 15:20:54 by janfon1

AWWW MAH GOODES Series will continue!

AMG 6 is the Work in Progress. It's like 1/4 done. For now it has 11 scenes filled with action and some maybe understandable plot.

Sandford is back and running from the Kony incident. He seems to have some interesting levitation and telekinesis powers, but don't worry. Gun action will be here too. So, suddenly a giant building comes out from nowhere and the new enemies come out for inside. Those are J-ATP Forces (I used my old char for them). There will be a Torture Mag too and... well... we will see.


Thing that might interest you.

2014-06-03 13:13:11 by janfon1

Small thing for you.


This is the eleventh scene (Work in progress) from the another part of AMG series.

Added it so you will know what's going on.


2014-04-21 16:04:14 by janfon1

Oh, yeah, it's finally done! Enjoy my violent movie about the Radio Guy who was in AMG 5.

Link is here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/637900


I fixed some of the scenes so now they look better. Thanks for the Harcken for helping me with it.


Made a good loking OBSV Test with a Giant Melee used in the Incident: 110A.


New test for 2014

2014-04-07 11:20:05 by janfon1

I made a new test. I used Left 4 Dead 2 SMG sounds for it if you want to know.


Moar tests.

2013-07-22 15:23:12 by janfon1

I made a short test.Sniper Rifle - Shooting and reloading.

[EDIT] I have a game that is so good, that I can't stop thinking about her. Payday: The Heist. I used JackKrimfe's sprites to create this short animation. Dallas mask was made by me. The rest is up to the creator.

Le animatione

[EDIT] New Glock animationPayday Shootingeargh

Moar tests.



EDIT: I'm half-done with another part of AMG. This is gonna be the longest one (i believe).

There's some problems with adding an image. I don't know how to do that.